About Us

We help the average working person realize the reality of being your own boss. We offer excellent support services so you're never alone, Go into business for yourself but not by yourself.

We offer full support and management options.

Licenses and permits

Employee Management

Pay Roll/Taxes

Day to Day operations

We Deliver Results, Not Reports

If you are a small business owner, committed to increasing your company's sales, profits or cash flow, Build A Business Inc is much more than another consulting company

We specialize in locating commercial properties in high traffic areas, Market research of area to deduct what business has the best economic potential for the property.

Design - Develop - Deliver

We offer design and development of franchised concepts, retail stores, fast casual, quick delivery service and full service restaurants.

  • New Construction
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Furniture and Equipment Sourcing
  • Prototype Design and Development
  • Commercial Lease Negotiations

Problems & Solutions


In today’s market, it’s hard to find a current business that delivers a decent profit and the owner is willing to offer at a reasonable price.


The next best thing is to recognize, identify high traffic, minimum competition areas and built out new businesses with high income projections.

We Also Offer

Group Investments

where you join in with other like-minded financial investors and specialists to buy a business, sharing in the Profit of the business. Purchase stock for as little as $5000.

Credit Based Investements

where your investment is acquired with a loan which your profit at first pays on, until it is paid off. You will then have the capacity to retain 100% of your profits. This option builds your credit and financial portfolio at the same time.

Full ownership Investments

They are procured by placing you in contact with the right business at the right cost. We endeavor to develop your portfolio by utilizing our insight and experience to negotiate the best terms of offer for both buyer and seller.

Your Success Means Our Success

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We Build Businesses, Offering All-Inclusive Build Out Packages

Address:National Locations

Phone: 866-305-0495

Email: support@bizbuildouts.com


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